Some great moments that must be shared!

Some great moments that must be shared!

Dear Amanda,
Dear Richard,

I want to thank so much you for this amazing experiences and wonderful time that we had all together during our bush and beach safari in South Africa and Mozambique. When I was planning this private safari I didn’t have any idea about what it would be about. Now I know that this was the best idea I ever had to come to South Africa organized by Imagine Africa Safaris.

This trip was definitively going beyond all my expectations. We all were so much impressed by what we saw and what we experienced that we were deeply affected and very sad when we had to leave. We all, and especially the young girls, appreciated Richards company so much and it was a great pleasure for me to see them teasing together. I also appreciated very much to have somebody next to me on whom I could trust and feel safe.

The fact that Richard took over all this organizational stuff was so important to me. I had nothing to do, just to relax and I deeply enjoyed it. It was also so nice for us to meet you, Amanda. We were so happy to have the chance to pass a few moments together with you in Mozambique, eating, dancing and laughing together.

It is now a week that we are back home. But all of us we are missing the bush, Sausage Tree, Kruger and your company, looking forward to meet you again. I think we all got the virus of this archaic energy of Africa which I loved so much during our stay. I am sure that we will meet again. So, Richard, make sure that you will be ready to guide us when we decide to come back…. ohhh frek! :-)))

With a lots of love from Luxembourg