Sky Over Sausage Tree

Sky Over Sausage Tree

Dear Sonja and James,

As I promise to do so, I send you these pictures from the sky that I made at your very nice place Sausage Tree Safari Camp on 24 August. You may use them as you like so on your website or anywhere else to promote your beautiful lodge. It was unfortunate a very short stay for one night at Sausage Tree Safari Camp because it was one of the highlights of our holiday in South Africa.

The place itself, the beautiful nature, the game drive we did, the really delicious food, but above all your hospitality made it an unforgettable time. We wish you all the best and if we ever comeback in South Africa, it will be certain that one the first lodges we try to book will be Sausage Tree Safari Camp.

Our best regards to all of you including the employees.

Cor and Peggy Kolthof
The Netherlands