Most Enjoyable

Most Enjoyable

Mel and I recently had a most enjoyable one-night stay at Sausage Tree camp. Our hosts James and Sonja Carne are old friends and it was great to sit around the evening campfire and catch up on old times. However the visit was more than that. We had 2 fantastic drives with our young and enthusiastic guide Kevin. On the evening drive we were treated to a great sighting of a large herd of buffalo with many young ones, some probably only two-three days old. It was so much fun to see them all suckling from their mothers and frolicking around as young animals do. Just around the corner though we came across three young bull elephants, one of them treated us to a very friendly show, only metres from the side of the car.

It is always so special to be able to interact with these amazing animals and have their trust so much so that they are completely relaxed with our presence. Having left that sighting we headed off for our eagerly awaited sundowners only to be diverted by a lion sighting. Having had a brief view of them walking past the vehicle and heading off into bush that was to dense to follow we continued for our sundowners but by this stage it was more a case of moon-uppers as the sun had long since disappeared.

The journey home to a sumptuous meal around the boma fire would not have been complete without a special sighting of a small chameleon in a bush on the side of the road. We also came across tracks from a cheetah but alas we never caught up with the elusive cat. The following morning we were treated to a private drive as the other guests had either left early on the ongoing journeys or decided to sleep in. Their loss was our gain as we enjoyed an exclusive sighting of a mother and calf black rhino for over twenty minutes quite happily browsing on all the recently emerged forbs that were all over the reserve after the recent rains.

Thanks to all our hosts for making our short stay so enjoyable and memorable. You have a great lodge and a fantastic team of staff.

Ian and Mel Owtram