I Do Miss the Bush!

I Do Miss the Bush!

Dear Amanda, dear Richard (Imagine Africa Safaris)

I do also want to thank you for this great safari and the good time we had in the bush and at Sausage Tree.

Send you some souvenir pictures from the wild.

Not only the good company we had, but especially all the information and bush-stories Richard told us made these holidays very rich, unique and funny.

I can remember the first elephant we saw: WOW …and he was far away. The next weeks we met hundreds of them.

Also I was deeply touched at Elephant’s Whisperers excursion.  For me it meant realizing a very old dream.

And then one morning when our heads where all focused on meeting the cheetah; suddenly lions crossed our way.  It just felt like being part of a movie.

Let’s come to the point: I do miss the bush and will come back for sure.

Big hugs,