Hello from Melbourne

Hello from Melbourne

Hi Mandy, Richard, Sonya, James, Jason, Liam, Themba, Orlando, and all the staff at Sausage Tree Safari Camp

Thank you heaps for making our stay so fantastic. Wish we could have stayed longer!!! The days just went way too fast!

Hospitality, knowledge, accommodation, meals, and the drives were amazing, and were very fortunate to see 4 of the big 5!!

Simba and Nala getting it on was pretty special. Although I did feel a little sorry for them, with all the spotlights and camera’s flashing while they were at it! Maybe the big boy was just showing off!
In fact I somehow think that there is a fair bit of hanky panky going on in the park at all times! Giraffes trying it on, baby animals all over the place and not to mention a pregnant Rhino!
You obviously must be doing something right keeping the “Circle of Life” going

Erica & Brett Hellier