Greetings from Down Under

Greetings from Down Under

From the moment we were picked up from Francistown airport (Botswana) everything was taken care of by our most welcoming, caring and knowledgeable guides Richard, Werner and John of Imagine Africa Safaris. An adventure and experience of a lifetime; filled with spectacular and surprising moments and non-stop laughter.

From staying in traditional Bakalanga huts in Planet Baobab, to being graced by local guides and their openness in sharing their deep respect of the land and their heartfelt stories of hopes and dreams.

Evenings by the campfire and sundowner drinks. Visiting a local school in Gweta and being entertained by school children showing off their singing and dancing talents. Up close and personal with Meerkats. Quad bike riding and sleeping under the stars on the salt pans. A night full of shooting stars!

Flying in a Cessna over the Okavango Delta and 6 days of the best ever old fashion camping at Moremi (Okavango Delta) and Savuti (Chobe National Park) where our guides ensured everyone had everything that we needed and at all times. An endless supply of drinks and food. A huge thanks to Richard for personally catering the most beautiful campsite meals each night.

Parades of elephants taking a stroll, and the most beautiful and dainty antelopes in the world ’the impalas’, zeal’s of burchell zebras, towers of giraffes, herds of wildebeest, a lioness resting in thick grass, a young hippopotamus taking a stroll, and monkeys just hanging around our campsite (as they do).

Best of all; the discovery of lion tracks not far from our tents, a huge (and I mean BIG) elephant walking along the side of our camp site and an impressive female hyena visiting our campsite for scraps twice in one night.

Driving through 45 km’s of thick marsh (on our way to Savuti Chobe National Park) was an amazing experience. We passed so many magnificent varieties of wildlife and the scenery all along the way was spectacular.

In Chobe National Park we enjoyed many safari drives and an afternoon admiring a pride of lionesses. Experiencing the surrealism and vast open space of stunning land that is so peacefully shared by so many wild animals. It was hard to comprehend seeing so many wild animals and in the same vicinity!

African sunsets with stunning yellow and reds in the horizon. A day trip to Zimbabwe to visit Victoria Falls aka “The Smoke that Thunders” and where Dr David Livingstone wrote “so beautiful the angels must have gazed upon it in their flight”.

An amazing helicopter flight over Victoria Falls where one can’t help but feel complete gratitude for this wonderful universe of ours. A beautiful evening at Elephant Sands, where elephants freely come and go.

Staying in beautiful lodges and tents on stilts; we enjoyed so many vast experiences that we will always treasure and look back on so fondly.

Finally, our last few days as we crossed the border from Botswana to South Africa and being totally spoilt (beyond expectation) during our stay at Sausage Tree Safari Camp.

Staff welcoming us on arrival (even one not on shift) and the most generous hospitality ever experienced as staff catered to our every need including being served the most delicious array of meals for breakfast, lunch and lantern lit dinners.

Surrounded by spectacular views at Sausage Tree Safari Camp; professionally guided sunrise and sunset safaris (in open vehicles)and ample of wildlife to catch our attention in every moment.

Memorable of all was waking up in the middle of the night to two lions communicating to each other not far from our tents. One of the most unbelievable experiences of a lifetime!

One cannot ask for more and will be forever grateful for the care, attention to detail and time taken to ensure a holiday and experience of a lifetime.

Lastly, heartfelt thanks especially to Richard, Werner, John and all the staff at Sausage Tree Safari Camp (to include Kevin – head guide, Themba – Safari Tracker with the most unbelievable tracking ability, Andrea and Eswe – front of house – both so generous in their service to us and in ensuring we had everything that we could possibly want. Orlando and Pitso – the BEST EVER chefs and the tastiest of meals. Kensani, Linky and Dorcas – housekeeping – our rooms and surroundings always immaculate!)

Alice and Ben Bacon x