From Canada

From Canada

Good morning Sonia and James:

Finally, our extended holiday is over and we arrived back on Quadra Island, to our home, Sunday evening (April 7) about 9:00 PM. We enjoyed our time on the road – saw a lot, did a lot, and met many fine people although, in hindsight, we both agree that six weeks away from home was a little too long.

Darcy and I enjoyed meeting both of you very much as well, of course, as Mike and your really excellent staff all of whom combined to make our visit with you a real treat and a pleasure of the first order. The safari drives and walks were really excellent providing an opportunity not only for game viewing but the chance to learn about habitat and habit as well. The tent was really cool largely because the sound effects you arranged for us (!!) made us feel as though we really were out in the bush with animals all around which, of course, we were!

We hope you both will find an opportunity for a visit with us in Canada (Mike too, of course) – we would be delighted to guide you through some of our bush as well as some really excellent meals from the garden and great wine too. We hope you will seriously give the idea of a visit here some serious thought as life must include something more than always “being on”, Sonia . . . a little down time is good for the soul too!

Once again, we trust this note will find all of you well – no doubt moving into your autumn while here, spring is well on its way, the weather mild and many trees have their leaves already.

Bruce and Darcy