Fond Memories

Fond Memories

A Big Chicago Thank You to everyone at the Sausage Tree Safari Camp!

From our first safari inquiries many months ago to our departure – we felt so welcomed and appreciated. The Camp’s stunning setting and wonderfully appointed tented accommodations were a very pleasant surprise. (when you book online, site unseen, you have no idea what to expect) We were so pleased with everything about the Camp – its peaceful setting and beautiful common grounds. In addition to the camp and staff, we found it so enjoyable getting to know the other guests at the camp. We have such fond memories!

Thanks to your knowledge and your patience with all our questions, the three of us learned an incredible amount on each safari run… so much that our daughter Kelly secretly desires becoming an animal tracker! (not so much a secret now) 🙂

What can we say about the food? … It was outstanding!! – Not only was it extremely pleasing to the pallet, but it was presented with such style and beauty. Yum!

James and Sonja, we can’t say enough about each and every one who made our stay enjoyable… it is very evident that you care for your staff and they in return. Your warmth and genuine hospitality made us feel so much at home! We feel like we came as guests and left as friends.. Thank you! Best to you and the entire Sausage Tree Family!

Many Blessings always,
Bob, Paula and Kelly Mack
Park Ridge, IL