Dear Sonia,

When I was 18 years old, my parents decided to organize a trip to the States, which was something very exceptional for us. And 30 years after, I keep a very precise memory of these holidays. We wanted, Christine and me, to offer something equivalent to our children. And, hearing them discussing in the car when leaving you and then in the plane bringing us back to Paris, we knew we had succeeded.

Of course, it was partly due to all the animals we had the opportunity to observe, but more than that, it’s thanks to the passion of Liam and Jason for their job, the comfort of your lodge, the quality of the cooking and, last but not least, the warmth of your welcome.

We’ve just posted a comment on TripAdvisor (my pseudonym on this website is Trolldetroy but I wrote in French so not sure you will understand) and I discussed with one of my friend (Robin CUISSET) who is planning a trip to the Kruger next summer and he will probably come at yours).

Thanks again.

Kind regards,
Olivier & Christine