Bush Babies


Bush Babies Environmental Education Program

The Lesser bushbaby (Galago moholi) symbolises and defines the external environmental education awareness program, where learners are regarded as babies learning about the bush or environment. The Bushbabies Program is interlinked into the curriculum of local schools which builds on the children’s interests and should explore the subject matter in a multi-disciplinary manner; therefore we should enhance a child’s skills and build on their present ideas about conservation through a program that provides for a multitude of opportunities for the child’s growth and development.

The Bush Babies Environmental Education Program is an environmental awareness program that is conducted at primary schools in the communities surrounding Greater Kruger National Park. With four currently active schools and a total of 264 learners, we are aiming to create an environmentally literate community. The program is divided into 4 category themes;

• Basic ecology (grass, trees, soils, environment, water etc.)
• Friends of the rhino (mammals, reptiles, birds, insects etc.)
• Tour my world
• Protectors of the rhinos (Black Mamba APU)

The schools are visited on a weekly basis and a different aspect based on the theme of the day is discussed to familiarise the learners with their natural environment and emphasising the importance to conserve the environment for future generations. With the tour my world theme, Transfrontier Africa volunteers from around the world are taken to the classroom where they teach the Bush Babies about their home countries including facts such as the climate, animals and special features.

The protectors of the rhino theme entails the visit and teachings from our Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit ladies who teach the learners about poaching and how it affects them. Also addressing how they are working to protect these species. The Black Mambas are not only anti-poaching rangers but mothers who know how to nurture a child to understanding the basics of life thus helping them understand the importance of looking after our environment.

Sausage Tree - Bush Babies Class

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