A Well Traveled Wife

A Well Traveled Wife

Dear Sausage Tree Safari Camp

You provided the most memorable safari experience in South Africa. During over a month in the country, our stay with you was the highlight. Your camp strikes just the right balance between an authentic experience in the bush, and a personal, welcoming & luxurious stay. From the second we pulled into the parking lot we were immediately welcomed by the most friendly staff (and the 3 cutest camp dogs)!

The main gathering area feels like a home away from home, with views sweeping over the gorgeous scenery. The game drives were adventurous and full of sightings, with all of our questions being answered (and even a sunset snack/ drink stop along the way!) We enjoyed the cozy meals and intimate setting. Out of different safari camps and experiences, Sausage Tree strikes the perfect balance and combines all the things you could want in an experience. We were truly sad to leave and recommend it fully as the place to experience the bush in South Africa!


Emi Rigby