Dear Jason, Richard, Liam, Themba and other staff members of the Sausage Tree Safari Camp

Like we said: we keep our promises!!

First of all: we’ve had three very exciting days with all of you. It was truly amazing! The past weeks we’ve been thinking a lot about our time at the Sausage Tree. Liam: we’ve had TOP-days. Once again, thank you for everything.

On one of our last safaris, we saw a beautiful leopard. Later, we found out that Jason was a little bit jealous. So we made him a promise: when we were back in Holland, we would send Jason a photo of the leopard.

Again: thank you for the great days and we’ll be following you on the internet.

With love and greetings from Holland.

Tara, Gidde, Gerrit en Bela

(Fam. Tuitert, The Netherlands)

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