Amanda in the Kitchen

Amanda in the Kitchen

My Sausage Tree Adventure

I was invited to come and spend a week at Sausage Tree Safari Camp to help up skill the staff and improve the efficient running of the kitchen.

Spending time in the kitchen, chatting to all the staff, getting to know the lovely owners, managers and rangers – I loved it all! The two gentle giants, Chef Orlando and Pitzo tolerated my help and advice putting it into practice with no complaint. They work very hard everyday to make sure the guests enjoyed every mouthful. They take such pride in the food they present and thrive off the positive praise they receive. A few vital tweaks here and there, made a huge difference to the flavour of their already excellent food.

We created new menus for the seasons ahead, which was very exciting. A mammoth task filled with wonderful creativity. Lots of laughter and brainstorming! I loved living as a member of the team for a week. I was made to feel so welcome. I was lucky enough to take in a few game drives, which were so relaxing. My highlight being the sighting of a leopard and a majestic pride of lions stuffed to the brim full of food.

Despite all the hard work I left feeling very relaxed. Who can complain with beautiful sunrises and sunsets, friendly people all around and great food!

Africa at its best!

Thank you Sausage Tree!

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